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ITW Media

We have the ability to produce multi-cam productions for clients, content creation for organisations, brands and agencies including corporate video production. Our green screen facility will allow you to expand your content horizons, but let's not forget, our mobile green screens can come to you.

Live Streaming

Our live streaming services provide a team of professional camera operators and Live stream technicians with portable equipment onsite. Live streaming provides quick and affordable broadcasting of your event, allowing your viewers the ability to watch the event in real time from anywhere in the world.

What is a live stream without your brand or your company identity? Our services allow you to brand your event from logos and graphics to suit your needs, or even commercial advertisements to give you or your sponsors the complete viewing experience they desire.

MultiCam Productions

A multicamera setup is the next big step in video production. Multicam helps you record different angles simultaneously and shoot scenes much faster than with a single camera. Not only do multicam setups help keep time on-set to a minimum (and therefore also keep the budget down too), but they can also provide creative freedoms that aren’t otherwise offered by single camera environments.

Marketing and Corporate Video Production

It’s time to let your staff and customers hear from you. There is nothing better than hearing from the boss themselves to inspire and create a positive working environment. What drives you, what inspires you, what pushes you. These are questions people love to hear. Create that connection and personal touch with engaging video content.

Virtual blessings

During these difficult times of COVID-19 and limited friends and family allowed at intimate social gatherings, what better way to show those who can't make it, with a live stream. ITW Media can customise a package for your every need.

ITW Media is highly-flexible and sensitive to our clients’ requests. From wedding celebrations, special birthday parties to the heartache of funerals and wakes, the team will provide professional peace of mind that loved ones who are unable attend will be able to share in those significant milestones and moments as if they were there in person.

Interested in how we can stream and record your event?